AzSee 3.0 neue Features

FAQ / Hilfe AzSee 3.0 – new Features

Version 3.0 of AzSee available. In this release, some enhancements and new features have been implemented.

The following new features are included in AzSee 3.0:

  • The onboard Help is available in four languages ​​(German, English, Russian, Chinese)_
  • The separate Manual is also available in these four languages ​​(other languages ​​will follow)_
  • A new “real-time check” to verify compliance with the regulations (MLC 2006, STCW 2010) is implemented during the input of working hours_
  • The “real-time check” is switched on and off, to speed the entry of working-hours_
  • Sick and vacation days to be processed_
  • New Deviation report to indicate the hours of rest_
  • An independent “rest-time Sheet” is available_
  • Working Arrangements_
  • Drill Training Plan “Safety”_
  • Drill Training Plan “Security”_
  • Drill training plans are displayed in the RWH-Sheet Database_
  • Various new forms (such as Chinese crew lists)_
  • New layout with uniform appearance_
  • Onboard help (manual) can start with the function-key [F1]_
  • u.v.m.

Existing program licenses can be easily updated to version 3.0.

For further questions about version 3.0, we are always happy to help. Just send us an e-mail or call us by telephone (Number 0151/164 55914). Alternatively, you can feel free to use the contact form.

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