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The FAQ answer the most frequently asked questions and give an overview regarding the functionalities of AzSee.

Program Features

With AzSee for Microsoft Excel it is possible to manage, review and evaluate working hours of ships’ crews in accordance with STCW 2010ILO-180MLC 2006 and § 84a SeemG.

In addition, all reports required by law will be generated by a single mouse click. This painstakingly handwork will be carried out by the program and evaluation of the data takes place in seconds. All you need to do is to record the working hours and the program takes care of the rest. Deviations like falling below the rest hour periods or exceeding the working hour periods are color coded in order to provide for a visual alarm.

An overall scheme shows the number of seafarers, which were on-duty at a specific time. This allows for a precise overview of the entire deck crew on duty plus officers including the captain.

Who should use AzSee?

The program is used onboard ships for planning, recording and analysis of working and rest periods for seafarers.

Which reports may be generated?

In addition to the analysis of working hours with the program the evaluation of work and rest times, according to the Directive 1999/95/EC, an official form may be generated. The evaluation of the consolidated wage seafarers may be implemented with a single click of the mouse

This means that the program automatically with a single push of a button will generate all required statutory reports.

What are the requirements?

AzSee runs under all versions of Excel (Excel 2007, Excel 2010 und Excel 2013). No special hardware requirements are necessary. See also Technical Details.

What is in the program package included?

The program includes all input, analysis and evaluation related functions. The data are recorded every 30 minutes, a cross “X” symbolizes half an hour. To simplify the recording of the times several help functions are at hand which allow the insertion of a time block with a single click of the mouse.

Integrated program help

The program includes a help file that will guide you clearly through all program functions and may be called any time should you have any question. In addition, there will soon be a manual in German and English.

How can I test the program and order?

A trial version can be requested from us at no charge. The program is quite easy to install and ready to use. Use the contact form or send an e-mail to info@azsee.de. The trial will run for four weeks. During this time, you have the full functionality available without ny restriction.

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