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The abbreviation AzSee refers to an Excel program which manages and evaluates the working time and rest time of seafarers with respect to STCW 2010 / ILO-180 / MLC 2006 / § 84a SeemG. The advantages of AzSee are as follows:

  • Helps to avoid fines imposed by the  Trade Supervisory Office and the Health and Safety Administration 
  • Helps during PSC inspections and avoids “Vessel detained”-situations
  • Shows violations of rest times in detail
  • Gives an overview regarding all violations of the working times
  • During the recording process of working times in real time a colored evaluation of the last 24 hours or the last 7 days will be displayed
  • Allows for planning the working times for one week or one month ahead the exact working times as well as rest times will be shown
  • Observes the dateline crossing
  • Can be setup in a flexible and individual way
  • Installation is easy and fast
  • Does not affect your registry
  • Allows a quick-lookup of all recorded working times without having to re-type them  again ashore
  • Provides a cost effective and compact way of data transmission by Satellite
  • If desired, your company logo will be integrated
  • Forms can be individually generated to meet your needs such as a Crew List
  • AzSee is quite easy to use and easy to understand
  • It creates absolutely accurate analysis of working hours to STCW ’95 / ILO-180 / MLC 2006 / § 84a SeemG
  • Rest shortfalls and hour violations are described in detail
  • The software ist entirely in English. The manual is in german and english language.

For more information about the new features of version 2.0 can be found here.

The standard version of AzSee purchase includes free updates as well as any future legislative changes required for the next five years acquiring the software. In addition, one last very important point, AzSee includes no annual subscription; there will be no additional costs for you in the future, as is the case with some of our competitors.

In addition to the analysis of the working time, the program allows the generation of the following forms:

  • Rest Time-Sheet [singlepic id=44 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Working Arrangements [singlepic id=33 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Drill- & Trainigsplan safty  [singlepic id=34 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Drill- & Trainigsplan security  [singlepic id=35 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Deviation Report [singlepic id=36 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Overtime Sheet [singlepic id=45 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Crew-List [singlepic id=38 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Record of hours of work (RWH-Sheet) [singlepic id=43 w=80 mode=web20 h=60 float=]
  • Festheuer-Abrechnung [singlepic id=46 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • IMO List FAL Form 4 (IMO Crew´s effects declaration) [singlepic id=41 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • IMO crew FAL Form 5 (IMO Crew Kust) [singlepic id=29 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • IMO List FAL Form 5-2  (Crew list with Schengen Visa and Seaman´s book) [singlepic id=30 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]
  • Monthly settlement [singlepic id=31 w=80 h=60 mode=web20 float=]

Helps to avoid fines imposed by the  Trade Supervisory Office and the Health and Safety Administration

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